Since my attunement for Chios level 3, I’ve found two things to be different: 1) I’ve been very tired, especially in the morning – more tired than usual, and 2) I find it easier to tune in to the color of a person’s aura (provided the person is standing or sitting before a white background with plenty of light – it’s not perfect!).

I was at a party last night, and a guy was making a short speech. I tuned in and tried to see the color of his aura, and was surprised to see a combination of dark green and dark purple. It was much different from others I’ve seen, and I was left perplexed as to its meaning.

I’m in a Reiki share group, whose members send each other Reiki on Sundays. We are scattered all over the world, and for some of us, Sunday starts in the wee hours of other’s Sundays. As I was settling into bed last night, I felt some energy coming to me, with deep warmth in my stomach, and a swirling mix of colors behind my right eye. It was interesting.

I also did a chios meditation today, and was able to “summon” individual colors, and visualize them filling my consciousness. It’s supposed to strengthen my connection to energetic colors.

And, my daughter Rayna, age 8, is able to see auras too. I found out yesterday that she can do this. A few times today we checked in with each other and compared notes about a person’s aura. We agreed most of the time. It is pretty cool. She hasn’t had training in aura vision, but it’s said that children have more natural ability to see auras than adults.

Hopefully, my exhaustion will fade and my attunement will take root soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to comment, or sign up for my distance healing tutorial and mentoring.

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