Things are in full force now! I’ve started creating and launched the Reiki Awakening Energy Healing Certification Program. Since I’ve started, it seems that the Universe is bringing me the people and ideas I need to make things work. For instance, a very high-priced local marketing expert has offered me his services free of charge. A friend has offered me knowledge and the shared use of the videoconferencing software for teaching the sessions. The idea has been warmly received, and students are signing up. A dear friend is helping me with making videos (posting soon!) and distributing flyers for the local program. I feel very supported!

And also, since I’ve been back from Lily Dale, I’ve had some readings. A student of mine, Louise Hobson, has started giving Oracle and Soul Card readings, and she offered me one of each. Also, my teacher Connie has done a reading for me. All of the readings were powerful, positive, supportive, and also practical. I recommend Louise and also Connie to anyone who is looking for some solid guidance. Click on either of their names for links. Louise’s link is her email, and Connie’s goes to her website. Their rates are reasonable and their accuracy is excellent. I felt like the messages were really directly for me, and I feel like all is really happening as it seems to be – for the best, for success, and with the feeling of swimming with the current.

Here’s a quote from Louise’s reading so you see what I mean:

Workshops and Seminars (the card that was drawn)
Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning.
The angels have sent you this card so you will know that your really are hearing your angels message on this topic. the angels will guide you in your practice- ” this was very very strong”. Give any thoughts or worries or concerns to them.. then listen to their replies. This will come to you as ideas and feelings. they will help you choose the right venue and the right audience for your teachings. Also, you are guided to attend workshops to further your spiritual path and education. Ask Archangel Raphael to support everything in this endeavor- including tuition fees, transportation and lodging. The way is clear for you to give and receive.
Visualize all the positive benefits you receive when you teach- is what they asked me to tell you. when your visualization is complete say “Thank you universe for my wonderful experiences giving workshops for people who receive blessings from the teachings that come through me”

I mean, wow, right? Now here’s some from my reading from Connie:

You, girl are flying high & you are supported by the heavenly host and all Spirit has to offer. You are trusting Universe to provide – doors are being flung wide open & you are to go boldly thru them knowing you are protected by angels.

Your new project could be bigger than you think. There are ideas that you have not been given yet as you are simply spread too thin as it is. Really assess EVERY little thing you do with RA & if anyone else can do it (or be trained in under 15 mins) have someone else do it.

Gabriel is with you in your writing…if you feel a block call on well he is sent to give you fresh vision, new business ideas as you write.

Some of the opportunities flying your way have a short window of opportunity time wise –you won’t have opportunity to research as you would like but you do have an inner knowledge – trust it and act on it without delay.

DELEGATE where ever & when ever possible. Build in Alice time & relax & rejuvenate . You will need lots of energy in the fall/winter.

All great advice, and all very supportive, seeming to completely validate what is happening around me and motivate me to continue boldly, removing any fears associated with taking such a huge step forward.

It’s good to be able to grab on and push for making my dream happen, while feeling supported by the Universe! I am keeping up the expectation for success and gratitude for the gifts that are coming to me daily. Having positive expectations and trusting that the Universe is helping me seems to be working. I’m glad to report it, and will keep it up!

I figure that anything I can learn, I can teach. That’s why I teach Reiki and intuitive development subjects. I am aware of how I learned these skills, and I bring the process to others. I want everyone to have the benefit of being able to learn these skills. If I can learn from scratch and get this far, anyone else who’s interested can too. There’s great joy in showing people how much power they have that they didn’t know was there before. I consider this ability a blessing, and love to share it.


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