I don’t need scientific proof

I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t care about scientific proof that Reiki, or life force energy, or chakras, or angels, or guides, or ancestors, spirits, or any energetic forces exist. I just don’t care what scientists have to say about their validity or not.

I see posts on Facebook saying that Science has Proven that the Aura is Real! Give me a break. I can feel the aura pulsing when I give Reiki. I can tell where it starts and I can find the areas where it is damaged. I can feel energy changing frequency when it’s healing itself. 

I don’t need science to validate my work, my beliefs (which come from experience), or the results that Reiki can offer.

I also don’t need science to proclaim that human thought creates changes. I already know. I have manifested more results in my life through the power of intention and expectation than I can list. 

I have arrived at a place in my own life where I trust my experiences, listen to my intuition, and guide my life based on those signals. And, it’s working.

If you’re waiting for science, I would advise you to stop wasting your time. Live. Listen to your innermost knowing. Give it a chance to tell you what’s real, to show you your Truth. And then see what happens when you do.


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5 thoughts on “I don’t need scientific proof

  1. Ok so I am curious:
    If one does not care about scientific proof, why mention something proved by science ?

    I'm not agreeing/disagreeing here but I've seen this rationale invoked for religion: "We have faith so we don't need science" but as soon as something is proven (such as the shroud of Turin initially), then they use this to add to their argument yet if science disproves it well "We don't need science" comes out…

    Like with this example, where is the common ground here ?

  2. Hi Janik,

    I hear you. It's not that I discount scientific proof. I've done experiments myself, and my son even did his 4th grade science experiment on the effects of Reiki on the growth of bread mold. It's interesting. It's fascinating. And it can help those who need it, sometimes.

    I am not a "faith" person without having some experience. But for me, experience is as valid as the scientific process – and that's where the separation shows. Anecdotal evidence isn't valid in science. But it is for me. If I can do something and it works with consistency, I can feel it, my clients can feel it, and there's benefit – well, that's enough for me. Science would disagree, but that's what I mean when I say I don't need science to agree.

    Common ground… well I guess it's when the rice experiment or the bread mold experiment shows something happening. (Search them on YouTube if you don't know what these are).

    Honestly, I am concerned for what may happen if science suddenly can measure the effects of Reiki on the human biofield. Regulatory agencies could spring up all over, and start making us prove that we have a certain level of Reiki-amps or something in order to practice. Or maybe in order to get "Master" designation. And there will be certification fees, of course. Can you imagine this?


  3. Actually, there are quite a few articles said that reiki, chakra are real,… blah blah. However, it doesn't matter. I still practice reiki self-treatment, I feel happy and good. That's it. In the world, there are a lot of things that scientists still cannot explain.

  4. Right on! A lot of people forget science is a system for labeling and measuring. Rather than explaining phenomenon, it gives us a way to label and measure it. Is that really necessary for Reiki, which is so powerful when experienced? I agree with you that I don't need any scientific confirmation. I've had more than enough empathic or psychic impressions that my client confirms to care whether science believes I can have this awareness or not. Not to mention the amazing positive health benefits Reiki has brought to my life and the lives of my clients. So as you said, we can feel where the energy needs to flow and that is good enough for me.

  5. I can feel the energy change in certain areas – I can feel the pain or discomfort people are feeling and experiencing, how is science going to measure that?

    I had a conversation once with the husband of a client over Hopi Ear Candling and he was saying but it shouldn't work… I was saying but it does and you know it does and all he could say as a scientist, but this shouldn't work…

    Trust and believe!

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