Reiki Awakening Energy Healing Certification Program

Reiki is just the beginning!

Whether you are a seasoned energy worker, or discovering your awareness of energy now, this program will give you:


  •  A balanced approach to developing your intuitive abilities
  •  Advanced training in energy healing techniques
  •  A deeper connection to your own inner power
  • Practical exercises for developing a foundation in healing yourself and helping others
  • A well-rounded education to apply toward personal and professional growth
  • A chance to share ideas, overcome challenges, and interact with others who share these goals
  • A passionate and dedicated teacher who works with you on a personal level.


The 9-month Energy Healing Certification Program includes:

  • 4 hours of instruction per month (8 hours the first month)
    2 hours of lessons
    2 hours of practicum: interactive sessions working with other students in guided practice
  • 1 hour individual coaching per month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Practical Reiki levels 1-Master attunements, instruction and certificate
  • All materials
  • Framed Certificate of Advanced Studies in Energy Healing at completion of the program
  • Option to be listed on the Reiki Awakening website as a Reiki Awakening Certified Energy Healer




Are there any prerequisites to this program? Do I already need to know Reiki?

There is no previous experience or training needed, novices or experienced energy healers can benefit and have success in this program! Just bring an open mind!


Where will the classes meet?

Local classes will meet at Insight Wellness and Learning Center. Click the link for directions.


Online classes will meet online via All students will be given a unique URL access code. (Note: students in the local program do not attend the online classes.)


When will the classes meet?

You have two options! Choose local or online, whichever is most convenient for you:

Note: this program is enrolling now and class size is limited.


Local classes in the Cleveland area meet on Monday evenings from 7-9 pm at Insight Wellness and Learning Center: Emery Place, Suite 112; 25901 Emery Road; Cleveland, OH 44128 beginning Sept. 12, 2011.

Click here for the full syllabus and schedule.


Online classes will be on Sunday evenings from 7-9 pm EST, beginning Sept. 11, 2011.

Click here for the full syllabus and schedule.


Will I need a webcam or special equipment for the online program?

A webcam is recommended, along with a computer with internet access and a microphone (many have them built-in) and speakers or earphones so you can hear.


What is the one hour monthly coaching session?

Each month, at your convenience, you will receive an an hour-long individual coaching session via Skype, live or on the phone with Alice Langholt, the teacher of the certification program. Discuss your progress, get your questions answered, work on your individual goals and challenges with Alice’s personal instruction.


What is the cost for the program, and how is payment accepted?

The fee for the full 9-month program is $134 per month, payable in 3 quarterly payments of $400 beginning on or by September 1. Payment may be made via Paypal, using the buttons below or on the order page for the program. You do not need a Paypal account, and all major credit cards are accepted.


The regular fee for this program is $1,200. Pay in full, and the fees are discounted to $1,000 (if you pay the tuition in full). That’s a savings of $200!

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Note: If you’ve previously completed Kundalini Reiki or Practical Reiki training with Alice, you may receive $100 off the first month’s tuition. Email Alice for a special registration link.


What if I miss a session?

Online classes will be recorded and available for replay, but a makeup assignment will be required if practicum is missed. If two classes are missed, an additional hour of coaching with Alice will be required at an added fee of $60.


Is there a refund policy?

Yes. 100% before the first class session; 50% before the third class session. No refunds after the third class.


What about additional attunements you offer, i.e. angel and intuition attunements?

Additional attunements are optional, and are available at a discount to anyone enrolled in the Certification Program. During the one hour individual coaching sessions, we can determine if an additional attunement would benefit your growth as we progress.


What is Practical Reiki? Is that the same as “regular” Reiki?

Practical Reiki is a simple and strong Reiki method which accesses the same life force energy, but is very easy and effective to learn. Since there are no symbols or specific hand positions required, the direct connection to the energy is immediately experienced. It sets an excellent foundation for the beginner, and also is an invaluable add-on method for one who knows other Reiki modalities. Learn more about the differences between Usui Reiki and Practical Reiki here.


Can I really learn Reiki this way? Doesn’t this training need to be done in person?

Reiki energy is not limited by distance. Attunements are fully effective either way, and will be experienced same as in person by each student. Everyone who receives training this way is completely capable of connecting to the Reiki energy immediately following the first attunement.


I’m skeptical. Will Reiki work for me? Will I feel it? Don’t I have to believe in it for it to work?

Skeptics are welcome. All you need is a basic curiosity – enough to say, “I don’t know if this will work, but I’ll give it a try and see.” I encourage everyone to let experience be his or her teacher. I’m here to allow and facilitate you being able to experience this for yourself.


I’m afraid to pay for something if I don’t know if it will work or not. Is there some way to try Reiki before I commit to the program?

I offer free 15 minute phone consultations. Email me for a time, or call and I’ll talk to you right then or call you back shortly. My number is 216-469-2499. I’ll give you Reiki while we’re on the phone and you can try it for yourself. I’ll also answer all your questions. Talk to me. I’m here to help.


How is the online program taught?

We meet live, online, via, using a link I will send you for our online virtual classroom. You’ll need a webcam, internet access, and earphones.


I already know Reiki. Is this program for beginners?

Whatever level of Reiki you have, or other energy healing experience, this program will take you farther, deeper, and enrich your skills in a multitude of ways. I’m here to work with each individual to help you meet your goals – from where you are to where you’d like to be.


What if I have more questions?

Contact Alice at or 216-469-2499.


A Testimonial from Dr. Melvin Morse, one of the current Energy Healing Certification Program students:

Alice Langholt, affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, is one of the foremost Reiki teachers in the United States. Trained in traditional Usui Reiki, she brought Kundalini Reiki to the United States. She teaches Reiki using Skype and Webcam technology. She is an effective and engaging teacher. Our family routinely uses Reiki to settle down our children before bedtime. Now they ask to be in my office as they sense the presence of Reiki energy in the room at all times. I am a research scientist primarily interested in death and dying, and near death research. Alice has mentored me in a number of Reiki studies, and we have shown that Reiki therapy can raise the white cell counts in a neutropenic patient as well as quiet the electronic noise of a true random number generator. These studies have been accepted for publication in the prestigious Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. I highly recommend Alice’s courses for anyone interested in Reiki. She provides flexible basic teaching and individualized coaching for those interested in Reiki as a form of meditation and spiritual connection in their everyday life. She can provide advanced teachings to the most sophisticated energy healers. She has a unique and creative style that is the result of her deeper understanding of the true nature of spiritual and energy healing. With Alice’s mentoring, I have created a spiritual/energy healing group. We take on only the hardest cases. We integrate our treatments with the patients’ conventional medical care. We use objective measurements of success or lack of sucess. We are not interested proving if Reiki is “real”, that is already well established in the medical literature. (See Benor’s Spiritual Healing: Professional Supplement) We are interested in improving our skills and taking our game to a higher level. Alice, I truly bow to you. I am not worthy.

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