Energized Healing Stones and Necklaces

NEW!!! Chakra Healing Sets!

Seven oval stones engraved in yellow with the symbol for each chakra! They are flat so they will stay on during a chakra healing session. Stored in a lovely black velvety pouch also engraved with the chakra symbols, this is a fantastic healing tool to add to your practice, or for personal use.

Plus, I will clear and charge these stones with energy before sending! This process enhances the natural healing properties of the stones.

The stones included (listed by chakra number) are:

7) Amethyst
6) Chalcedony Onyx
5) Lapis Lazuli
4) Jade
3) Yellow Onyx
2) Carnelian
1) Red Jasper

Only a limited quantity is available!


Tachyon Energy Stones

These are polished assorted stones of different colors and types. I will charge them with Tachyon Energy when you order them. Tachyon Energy infuses the stones permanently as generators of Life Force Energy, the same energy that Reiki works with. Carrying one of these can help energize you, help you feel more balanced and positive. Putting one in the room can clear negative energy from the room.
I’ve been using Tachyon energy for a while to charge stones and water. I’ve noticed and enjoyed the difference.

For $10.00 I’ll send you 4 Tachyon Energy-charged healing stones in a beautiful jewelry bag to experience how they work for you. Explanation sheet included.


 Tachyon Energy-charged healing stones (4) in a jewelry bag: $10


New! A full chakra healing set of Tachyon energy charged stones with a necklace you can interchange them in! 

Wear the stone of your choice, and interchange them as desired! It’s like having 7 necklaces in one! It’s the most flexible option with a stone for every healing need!



These tumbled polished stones’ healing properties are enhanced and intensified by being charged with Tachyon Energy, which is an energy healing technique that infuses the stones permanently as generators of Life Force Energy, the same energy that Reiki works with. Wearing one of these stones can give you the benefits of the particular stone along with a powerful ongoing flow of Reiki energy for clearing and balance on energetic, emotional and physical levels.


Q: Excuse me, what are chakras and what do they have to do with stones?

A: Chakras are energy-processing centers that are lined up within your body. Each has a function related to your emotional and physical well-being, and each has a color associated with it. Stones that are the same color as the chakra emit healing energy that helps to clear and balance that chakra, increasing your own sense of well-being, health, and emotional balance. To learn much more about each chakra’s function in-depth and experientially, visit The Reiki Awakening Academy and take a one-night workshop to learn to sense and heal each chakra yourself.

Feeling stressed? Wear the necklace with the Citrine Quartz for stress reduction! Need to attract abundance? Wear the necklace with the Carnelian stone! Need full chakra balancing? Carry all of the stones in your pocket in the bag! Etc.! The choice is yours!

You receive:

  • 7 energy-charged stones, one corresponding to each chakra (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and clear), chosen for you, or request special stones you want from the list below! Requests will be honored as much as possible, and a comparable substitute made if not available.
  • 1 adjustable necklace with a coil bail which allows you to easily interchange the stone it holds.
  • a jewelry bag for holding the extra stones.
  • a sheet explaining the healing properties of each stone in your set.


 7-Stone Chakra necklace – $25 

Here are some of the stones I have available and their properties:

Quartz – clear, ice-like appearance – all around healing, relates to the crown chakra, divine connection to energy, affects all chakras.

Carnelian – orange translucent – sacral chakra – connects to emotional self, removes inhibitions, strengthens appetite for life, strengthens intimate relations, enhances creativity.

Citrine Quartz – yellow – solar plexus chakra – increases confidence, reduces anxiety and fear, improves mental clarity, self-esteem and personal power.

Adventurine – green – heart chakra – enhances harmony, forgiveness, sincerity, unconditional love and compassion.

Jade – light green – heart chakra – love, compassion, giving and receiving, replenishes the heart, adds joy and positive energy. (Limited number available).

Eye Agate – blue with an “eye” image naturally in the stone – throat and 3rd eye chakras – expression, being heard, communication, along with intuition, imagination, and trusting one’s instincts. (Limited number available).

Lapis Lazuli – deep blue – throat chakra – power, protection, healing, expression

Sodalite – blue with swirled shades of blue – throat chakra – expression of truth, communication, reduces stress, eases hormonal system.

Aquamarine – powder blue – throat chakra – clear communication, heal throat, neck, jaw and thymus gland  issues, enhances breathing, good meditation stone

Rose Quartz –light pink – heart chakra – love, family and romantic relationships, self-worth, joy.

Pink Agate – bright pink – heart chakra – love, family and romantic relationships, self-worth, joy
Purple Jasper – dark purple with variations – third eye chakra – connects to unconscious self, enhance intuition, remove anxiety and fear.

Obsidian – black – root chakra – grounding, protection from negative energies, enhances courage and vitality.

Hematite – silver-black shiny appearance – root chakra – grounding, vitality, clarity of thought and purpose, bravery and protection from negative energy. 

Rainbow Jasper – brown and orange multicolor patterns – sacral chakra – courage, independence, prosperity, abundance, creativity, and intimacy.

Don’t see what you want? Email me and ask if I have it!

A testimonial, shared with permission:



Hi Alice,


I hope you are well today.  I am taking a moment to share the some of the amazing results from my lady friend who now wears the purple crackle quartz necklace you created.  She wore it to sleep the first night and the next morning…she noticed that a stiff pain/soreness in her right arm that had been troubling her had disappeared.  She also has breast implants and said that prior to her wearing the necklace, the muscle underneath the implant was really sore and tender.  Not since though.  She also noticed that after she cleans and vacuums the house, she is exhausted….but while wearing the necklace, she is fatiqued but still feels pretty good. 


She is in her fifties….so she was settling on the idea that there was nothing she could do to alleviate certain pains in her body.  So she didn’t speak about them and tried to ignore them.  Now, she remembers what it feels like to feel good when she wakes.  She just told me today, she never leaves the house without it. 




Thank you!!!
Kind Regards,
Kendall McDonald




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