Reiki Power!

Here’s the update from yesterday’s post about my student who was testing me by having me send him Reiki last night. I sent him a good half-hour session and felt quite connected to his energy, and figured the rest was up to him. He sent me an instant message after school today saying that he […]

Sending to a List

Last night and this morning, I sent Reiki to lists of people. The first list was to the other Reiki practitioners in my DHN group. I had their first and last names. We were asked by our group leader to send Reiki to each other for strength and healing. The second list was the Sunday […]

Sick Reiki, and some questions

Yes I’m sick with a stupid chest cold. I spent a miserable night with a sore throat and lots of congestion (cue the sound effect: awwww!). This morning, while the baby took a nap, I rested a while and then did some Reiki on myself. I felt heat, and still pain. Then I decided to […]

Wanting to Help

Hi,I find myself dearly wanting to be valuable -to channel Reiki healing to help people as much as I can. I spent a lot of time today and last night finding Reiki websites and Reiki Message Boards and writing posts introducing myself and inviting people here. I’m going to send Reiki to the desire for […]