How Can I Make a Difference?

When the media bombards us with many, many stories of ways in which people are cruel and the world is crumbling, it can be very hard not to feel helpless. After a scroll down my Facebook feed in the morning, I feel tempted to hide under the covers and never come out.  “How can anything […]


Here it is! Today is my 49th birthday. The first day of the last year of my 40s.And, things are good! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing since my 48th birthday:I’m working on completing my dissertation, with an eye on graduating in May.I have …

What’s good?

Today while giving a Reiki session, the words, “What’s good?” came into my head. As I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, save the feel of the energy, I knew it was an important message. I said to my client, who is struggling with ongoing guilt, that in every situation is an opportunity for us to […]


Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry that it’s been a full year since I blogged here. I really planned to keep this going more regularly. It’s a challenge. Lots has been going on, as that’s my life.It’s good stuff. Busy stuff. Working, creating, thinking, pare…


Today is my 47th birthday.Every year, I blog on my birthday. This is my 10th birthday blog, and I’m proud of that.I did, as I do every year, look back and read through some of my previous blogs. I realized – I am a busy person! I do a lot in a year.Sin…

How Being Spiritual Puts the Soul in Sex

Getting in touch with your spiritual side can enhance your sexual experiences too. Here’s why.First, let’s talk about the spiritual connection. Practicing any sort of spiritual practice – such as meditation, Reiki, energy healing practices of other kin…

I don’t need scientific proof

I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t care about scientific proof that Reiki, or life force energy, or chakras, or angels, or guides, or ancestors, spirits, or any energetic forces exist. I just don’t care what scientists have to say about their validity or not.I see posts on Facebook saying that Science has Proven […]

Power Manifesting

When I have a few minutes alone (usually in the shower or in the car), I mentally place myself in the role of CEO of my life. (Because I am, after all.)Then I call an Executive Staff Meeting of my Guides and Angels. In my mind, I sit at the head of the conference table, […]

46- My Birthday Tattoo

It’s my birthday! Today also marks 8 years of blogging.  Every year, I blog on my birthday. It helps me look back over the past birthday posts to see where I was, and realize what an amazing year it’s been – and then I think about how I’ll look back next year and be even […]