A New Way to Share Love on Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, I was perusing Facebook, and looking at all of the Valentine’s Day posts that were flowing through my news feed. Then I saw a post by an acquaintance that said “So far the worst Valentine’s Day yet. Yaaaay.” It sounded like he needed to know that someone cared, so I left a little response, […]

The Business Side of the WooWoo Life

I’ve decided that this is the year that I prioritize growth. This means, growth for my business, and for my own intuitive self (because, after all, this is my career and so it’s like anyone who has to keep up with the latest in their own field – training to get better at what I […]

Follow Up

I want to thank again all who helped me with paying forward the Random Act of Kindness (see previous post) for my friend who needed help. She has emailed me a response to share with all of you. I’m so proud to have been part of a beautiful effort to make a difference. To all […]

Random Acts of Kindness and Paying it Forward

We went on a family vacation! It’s the first time we’ve had the chance to really get away for a full week all together in six years. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that the last couple of years have been hard for my family. But we put some money […]

Blog Tour with Sharon Baker, RN, RMT

Hello everyone! I’d like to welcome author Sharon Baker to the Reiki Awakening blog! Sharon is an RN and a Reiki Master Teacher who has written a really wonderful Reiki book about her powerful experiences with Reiki, Healing With Hands. I really enjoyed reading the stories about the many different people Sharon gave Reiki to, […]

Living with Trust

Imagine that the universe is a great spinning engine. You want to stay near the core of the thing – right in the hub of the wheel – not out at the edges where all the wild whirling takes place, where you can get frayed and crazy. The hub of calmness – that’s your heart. […]

Welcome Author Christy Strauch!

I’d like to welcome author Christy Strauch to the Reiki Awakening blog this week! Christy is on a blog book tour, and is seriously impressive in her ability to explain clearly how to start and grow a business. She wrote an article for my blog for you friends who wish to know how to develop […]

A Trickle or a Gush – Intuitive Development

One of the things I do for people is intuitive development mentoring. I would like to say outright that I am not the most intuitive person I know. Not at all. I’ll also tell you that I was not born psychic, and I never had any sort of childhood intuitive abilities. I have never seen […]