Immortal, but not Infallible

A week ago I got sick with a virus. While this isn’t a big deal for most people, especially given that there are lots and lots of illnesses going around, and the weather has been cold for the season (Spring IS supposed to be here, right?), it’s a big d…

The Pain in the Process

Since August, I’ve been part of a holistic healing team providing energy and other holistic support for the nicest woman, Lisa. I was asked, along with my good friend and Quantum-Touch practitioner, Ernie Betz, to be part of a team to help her. We all …

Am I a Healer?

Am I a healer? Lately, this question has been coming up. It was brought to my attention by one of my new students, who is an MD, and has the view that Reiki practitioners are, and should refer to themselves as “healers” or they are not bringing respect to what they do. According to Debra […]

Pain and Healing

This is a different sort of post I’m writing because I’m trying to sort through some very difficult feelings. My mother in law is dying of cancer. There. I said it. It’s obvious to those who see her that she is not getting any better, in fact, her energy seems to be waning daily, her […]